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” Karma helped me discover my desire to beacome a spiritual enterpreneur and to release the self-doubt that was standing in my way.”

~ Sharon T

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Energy healing also known as Energy Medicine comes in many different modalities like Healing Touch, Reiki, and QiGong. It can support wellness across the levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

  • Releasing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Aiding in trauma release; emotional and physical (PTSD)
  • Heals negative emotions, fears, and phobias
  • Improves self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Release Energy Blocks that can lead to physical and emotional disharmony
  • Raises your vibration
  • Enhancing sense of Spiritual connection and confidence
  • Non-invasive and complementary
    to traditional medicine

An Intuitive Soul Coach is one that helps you transform your life.  Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits and goals, they help you overcome emotional wounds, clear trauma and break subconscious programming.  By helping you identify and clear any deep-rooted limiting beliefs, you are able to reconnect with your true divine nature and most authentic self.

By guiding you to engage your energy and focus on emotional and spiritual healing, we help you to quickly release the energetic blockages that keep clients from moving forward and living an empowered life.


When we are too deeply engaged in the drama and chaos of life. We tend to see the world from a distorted perspective. We may make judgments and victimize ourselves by justifying our negative view of our life. We may even blame others or the universe for our misfortunes. As a Soul Coach, I can help you discover your spiritual and energetic blocks and help you figure out why you are not where you want to be in your life.

When we complain about our situation without searching for a solution, it can feel like digging ourselves into deep despair. As your healing ally, it is my job to help you identify the root of your problems, heal the past, and open up new positive possibilities in your life.
You came here to thrive and manifest your dream life.
Are you ready?


Distance ENERGY healing uses energy across any distance that is sent to a recipient.  Since energy is present everywhere, it can be directed via conscious thought, emotion, and intention to a person or situation. By tapping into universal energies, the healer can access and enlist the help of spiritual guides, angels, and light beings to assist in and enhance the healing… These invisible divine allies work thru the healer (who serves a sort of bridge or conduit) to channel, clear and dismantle destructive and confusing influences affecting your life.
 Stretching beyond time and space, distance healing transmits powerful energy encoded with healing intention to you no matter where you are.


Because energy is present everywhere, Energy healing works on a multi-dimensional or quantum level.  Physical and emotional changes can be felt immediately during or right after the session.  Energy blocks in your field are held within many different layers, much like an onion. These blocks can have their roots in trauma patterns that were acquired at different stages of your Souls journey, including early childhood, present and past lives, as well as ancestral wounds embedded in the DNA.  All disease patterns are rooted in emotional wounds or traumas held within a person’s soul template. So, when an energy block is released, healing can be immediate or unravel over a period of time.  Each person’s healing process is unique and different.  Some people experience spontaneous healings, while others release more gradually over time.  After healing sessions with me, many clients feel tremendous relief and describe feeling energetically Lighter and Brighter, like they just released a big burden.  Pain and disease patterns can RELEASE dramatically; like tumors melting, spinal curvatures straightening, sudden release of anxiety, fear and phobias. Energy healing is the science of miracles..

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