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“Metaphysical Surgeon”
“I love my sessions with Karma– She always holds the highest intentions for me and digs right in like a metaphysical surgeon.
I feel safe working with her and that has allowed me to open up and deal with my shadow issues.   After my sessions, I always feel lighter, more balanced and stronger than I was before.  I feel more capable of navigating my life challenges. Our work together has helped me transform, and I cannot imagine my life without Karma on my angelic team. “

Renee G

“Awaken To My Worthiness”
“Karma’s natural psychic ability and skill as a gifted healer has facilitated some Powerful and Positive shifts in my life.

She has helped me on a deep cellular level to discover a new way to move through the world with less anxiety and more peace.  She  helped me establish better boundaries with others.  This work has set my soul free from old toxic energetic ties and awakened me to my own worthiness. With her help, I am now serving as a conduit for peace and have left my 9-5 job to open my own healing practice. Dreams can really come true. Thanks Karma!

Do yourself a solid and book an appointment with Karma! The world is lucky to have her.”

Sheila S

“Working with Karma has been so emotionally healing for me and my family. It’s difficult to find people in this world that you can connect with, feel safe within sharing deep personal struggles and talk to about unusual experiences.
Karma helped me heal and release deep traumatic experiences.
I’ve had many sessions with her and without telling her direct information, she is able to quickly tap into my emotions and challenges and redirect my energy to a more positive level. “

Traci C

“Spiritual Awakening Catalyst”
“I have been working with Karma during one of my darkest phases, a time of major transition, and working with her has been a serious GAME CHANGER on every level in all dimensions of my existence. Working with her helped me realize and honor my empathic nature.
Our sessions were always light and playful and proved to be a major catalyst in my spiritual awakening.

I honestly cannot imagine this journey without her. 
If you are serious about change, determined to grow, willing to do your part and in need of assistance she will expedite your personal process in ways you can’t even yet imagine”

Shakti H

 “Better Connection With My Kids”
“I’ve only had 3 sessions with her (with my 4th on the calendar) and each time I’ve experienced these awesome tangible results (and these are just the ones I can remember right now, I know there are more!!)

– Better connection with my kids because she helped me clear past crap that was keeping me in snappy mean mommy rage mode way to much of the time.
– More joyful – reconnecting with my art and play and finding joy in it
– Less stress!”

Sonya G

“Soul Level Healing” 
” In only 2 sessions, Karma helped me heal some major traumas that had plagued me for decades.  She is like a surgeon in her ability to quickly and accurately identify the root of my problem and quickly released the chronic, emotional baggage I was struggling with.
My doctors noticed a dramatic  improvement in my condition and reduced medications. I am so grateful for her work” 

Anjali S

 “Healing Ancestral Wounds”
“Karma has this laser like Intuitive ability to accurately discern the root of any issue bring up in our sessions.  I see myself moving forward in the exciting new directions and after every session, I always feel lighter,  brighter and more self-acceptance. By releasing the old trauma patterns and healing deep ancestral wounds.  I no longer feel trapped under the weight of fear and sadness. Thank you, Karma for helping me get my groove back!”

Dawn C

 “Released Despair & Sadness
after Divorce”
“Karma is my go-to healer.  She is pure magic. Her multi-dimensional healing helped me recover from breast cancer and release the despair and sadness I felt after my divorce.  She played a significant role in helping my mother pass with peace. Our family is grateful for all of her loving support!”

Roberta O

 “Connected With My Deeper Self”
“I am a massage therapist myself, so I have had many massages and alternative healing sessions. Karma has very special gifts.
She has helped me reconnect
with my deeper self.

particularly recommend her to anyone who is at a crossroads, in a life transition or feeling stuck.”

Vicki H

  From Self Doubt to Compassionate Self Love”
Karma has assisted me in better understanding my soul’s journey.  Her ability to be a clear channel has rich insights and clarity on my path.  She has helped me understand and clear some negative interfering energetic patterns that were creating obstacles and roadblocks on my spiritual journey.  Every healing session has expanded my
awareness and brought more spaciousness and clarity into my being!”

Suzi K

Setting Healthy Boundaries
“Karma is an intuitive empath and spiritual guide.  She has helped me heal and recover from present and past life traumas which prevented me from feeling completely present in my body.  She helped me retrieve & heal the fragmented parts of my soul.  As a direct result of our work together, I feel connected to my most authentic self and can set healthy boundaries with  my family. I realize it’s not my job to rescue people. This truth really freed my soul, and allows me the freedom to live my life pursuing my own passions.
I highly recommend her quantum healing sessions, they will really transform your life.”

Nicole P

“Amplified Spiritual Growth “
“Karma Shanti is by far one of the best healers I’ve ever been blessed to work with.  She has helped me untangle and decode deep old wounds that are ready to heal. I feel working with her accelerates my spiritual growth and healing 1000 fold. I recommend Karma to my clients and friends. Karma, thank you for your passion and commitment to helping others, I hope you open up a school to teach others how to free themselves and live Empowered lives.”

Jen W.

“Greater Clarity & Insight”
“Karma Shanti is an incredibly gifted and talented healer. I experienced the deepest healing at a soul level. with her were of the
I have ever experienced.   Working with her has brought me great clarity and insight, after our sessions, I always feel uplifted, lighter and brighter with a sense of peace and joy! I am highly recommending her to anyone seeking more insight, clarity, and healing on their paths. I look forward to continuing to work with Karma Shanti in the future- especially since she does distance sessions
.  If you want clarity in your life and a wonderful alley, work with Karma.  It will change your life.”

Lucianna H

“Stepping Into My Power”
 Karma has been instrumental in helping me through some difficult times. We released ancestral karmic influences that prevented me from believing in myself and going after my dreams. Karma is a wonderful, empathetic healer anyone would do well to partner with for life’s events both large and small. She is gentle, wise, highly intuitive and very professional in her approach. I benefited greatly from her services and recommend her highly. You will be amazed.”

Antwonda M

 “Found My SPARKLE
“At every level, Karma de-tangles and strips away the baggage that was blocking my own inner light that kept me locked within my life.  My session was filled with laughter. Who knew deep healing could be fun!
Karma thank you  for helping me find my SPARKLE again.
You are truly an Earth ANGEL!”

Sasha O

 “Deeply Transformative”
This truly comes from my heart.
Karma Shanti is extremely intuitive. I did not have to elaborate much on my stuff but she completely got it and was completely correct in her interpretation of what I was trying to relate. I left feeling that we accomplished so much more than I expected or could have imagined. Every session is exactly what I need and is deeply transformative.
If you are looking to release old pain and sadness, Karma has her own unique brand of Magic to maximize your growth.”

Jayadevi Y

“Cleared Past Life Karma”
“Karma Shanti is an intuitive and empathic healer.  I have been so fortunate to experience both hands-on sessions as well as remote sessions with her. I have left each session feeling more connected to my highest Self.  In my sessions, she identified past-life traumas that were still having karmic influences that were showing up in my current life as physical and emotional pain patterns.
Karma’s assistance has been invaluable in helping me move forward and releasing the past.
I highly recommend anyone who wishes to explore alternative healing methods to get in touch with Karma – you will be transformed.”

Jennie C

“Karma Help Me Stop Smoking
In Just 1 Session!”

I had been a smoker for the past  18 years.  I had tried everything available on the market to try to quit smoking, patches, lozenges, gum, etc.  Karma discerned that my smoking had become like a best friend to me and that a part of me deeply resisted letting this old habit go. So, she helped clear my unconscious objections to healing that. By the end of that session, I noticed immediately that I
felt different and was so surprised to find out later that evening that I no longer had any desire to smoke.  This burden has been lifted.   
“In just one energy healing session: the desire to smoke, the instinct to smoke was completely gone.”
I have truly experienced a miracle,
a Paradigm Shift.
Thank you, Karma, for changing my world!”

Shannon H

“Healed Relationships”

My father and I booked a family Healing session with Karma. The result was powerful, thanks to her ability to intuitively discern feelings and concerns, blockages and emotional or karmic ties, as well as intuit the cause whether it is from this lifetime, or a previous lifetime. In Karma’s sessions, old and subtle, destructive habits are brought to light and the healing process continues from there, creating transformation on the deepest levels.

My father and I are so grateful to now experience each other from a space of more understanding and less filtering. During the session, we were able to hold space for each other as the process unfolded in Karma’s presence. 

Bhuvaneshwari P

Fears & Doubt Fading”
“Working with her has absolutely changed my life in every single way.  When I began my healing journey with Karma, I felt like I was stuck on a merry-go-round of self-sabotage and self-doubt, unable to really love or trust myself.   Karma quickly identified and helped me release a childhood trauma that was frozen within me.  She helps me recover that lost, sad, younger part of myself.  Since working Karma, I have noticed my fears and self-doubt fading into the background, no longer taking center stage and dominating my life.  Working with Karma has brought me so much JOY and allowed me to step fully into my own power. As a result of all of our work together I have started my own healing practice

Sharon T

“I love working with Karma!”

“The Energy healing & Intuitive guidance I receive is uplifting and empowering. She has helped me release old emotional and energetic blocks which kept me feeling stuck in my life. She has worked with me to help me heal relationship struggles, finding my inner voice & outer expression, work, family and following my dreams.
I leave every session feeling refreshed, energized, balanced and better than when I began. If that’s not healing, I don’t know what is! “

Lori J

I can’t even begin to tell you all the stuff we do in our sessions. It’s so hard to describe or imagine, you just have to experience for yourself.  What I can tell you is that I feel like Karma seriously amplified my spiritual growth and helped me heal areas of my life where I felt stuck. 
In just a few sessions I’ve overcome more issues and progressed farther than I ever thought possible. 

If you are looking to elevate your spirituality, repair things you didn’t even know you had that are causing stressors in your life or that cause you to stay in the unwanted conditioned cycles, then do yourself a favor and connect with Karma!!!”

Sonya H

“I have felt so comfortable with Karma that I asked her to work with both of my children, who afterward, have also felt dramatic positive shifts. Our family is bonded with Karma. She listens without judgment and understands that everyone has unique challenges. She’s patiently guided us through amazing personal healing processes and we are forever grateful.” You would be doing yourself the biggest favor of your life by working with Karma .”

Traci C

Greif – Death of a Loved One”
“I have loved working with Karma over the past year. We met when I had recently lost my brother and it was a very difficult time. I’ve gone through many ups and downs and Karma has been right by my side cheering me on. Her work is magical, taking you to a different place, space and time. I highly recommend her work if you are looking for energy healing, coaching, and clearing that has been super stuck and you’re ready to let it go once and for all.

Katie D

& Career upgrade”

“Working with Karma Shanti for the past a year has absolutely changed my life in every single way.  She is truly one of my Earth Angels. Everything we have worked on has manifested in my life. Money. Self-Confidence. Career.  From clearing childhood trauma to healing karmic ties between my friends and family. It’s truly a miracle. Karma truly embodies the energy of an true spiritual alchemist. You would be doing yourself the biggest favor of your life by working with Karma .”

Rachel B

“Standing In My True Power”
“It is rare to find a practitioner that can facilitate such deep healing and personal transformation. Karma’s process is unique as she works on a multi-dimensional level, quickly identifying the root of your issues.  With her help, I have released so many fears and limiting beliefs that kept me from living and standing in my true power.”

Maryandra P

 “Clearing Writers Block”
“In our session, she identified a disconnected 6-year inner child that was frozen in a state of isolation. I remembered that my father told me he was leaving and my parents were divorcing. I recall that I laughed which had created much shame and confusion.  I had decided to shut down part of my heart.  This also showed many lifetimes, timelines, ancestors.  Karma could see all of this and was able to clear it quickly.
The next morning I woke with a beautiful feeling of Lightness and a new flow of Positive Energy and Inspiration. 

This new flow of creative energy shifted me out of my writer’s block. 
I am sure that more money will flow and that my divine complement will also show in perfect timing as I feel there is nothing in the way.”

Susan K

 “Dramatic Pain Reduction”
“I have several sessions with Karma, in-person and distance. I worked with her to help me release pain in the lower abdomen that had no obvious cause.  Karma intuitively tracked a negative entity at the root of my condition.  We released the entity and reset my system, by the end of our session my pain which started off at a level 8 had dropped to a level.  What I felt in both session confirms she is a top-notch power-house healer, so I give her my highest recommendation”

Alan P

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