5 Life-Changing Steps To Heal the World for Sensitive People

Written by Karmaawake

January 27, 2020

Often, I would ponder the question “How can I live happily knowing that every day there is a dark underworld that commits itself to perform unspeakable acts. What can I do to change this? How can I live a full life without anxiety and stress that connects to the trauma of the victims? How can I find peace and stillness amidst the chaos?”

Every day, you wake up with the knowledge that atrocities take place every minute of the day. There is overwhelming evidence of the unnecessary pain and suffering inflicted on humanity. You only need to turn on the TV, read a Facebook post, or dive into your own family’s history for living proof.

If you want the truth of the reversed world we live in, you can find it. There is no shortage of video footage, forensic evidence, and people’s first-hand accounts of just how wrong this world really is. It is a deep infiltration of hidden agendas that run all the major organizations and systems on our planet.

Do You Have Internal Conflict?

The common problem reported by empaths and sensitive people is that watching environmental destruction or the suffering of people and animals leaves them feeling helpless and traumatized. It makes them want to scream in pain to the point that they don’t want to see or hear what is happening. If they are exposed to it, they experience periods of depression and wonder why they are living in such a heartless world.

Do you want to look away knowing that the rest of the population is burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the truth of what goes on behind closed doors? Do you think this makes you part of the problem because you – emotionally, spiritually, and physically – can’t stomach the horror stories?

This is the exact internal conflict I had most of my life. I wanted to help the suffering but felt traumatized by witnessing it. It kept me stuck in one place where I needed my healing, inner peace, and happiness.

Being an Empath and Sensitive

Reading energy fields and being able to connect myself is what I have trained myself to do. I was very sensitive as a child; however, the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse from my father disconnected me from this sensitivity, which in turn, disconnected me from the truth.

It has been a long and arduous journey healing myself from the deep childhood pain and past life traumas which led to creating and teaching the Forensic Healing system. This process has prompted me to be highly protective of my energy field as if my life depended upon it. I am not alone with these feelings as every child who is born is highly fragile and sensitive until negative conditioning, environmental toxins, and abuse changes them.

For me, the process of becoming connected has taken many decades. It now feels that my heart, mind, body, and soul are synchronized together. I feel I am at one with everyone and everything. My sensitivity has heightened so that any negativity, thought, or emotion becomes part of me. Watching the news or violent movies leaves me traumatized, and when things are out of integrity, it affects my energy and fractures my soul.

Getting Off the Matrix – It is Holographic, easy to change.

The recent addition of the Soul Module addresses the healing pathways that remove people from the Matrix. This was the final piece of removing the intricate webbing placed over my soul that kept me bound.

I now live without fear and finally understand the true sense of the statement, “We are one”. This has allowed me to genuinely assist in the role of helping humanity in a much more powerful way that I could have ever imagined.

You Can Feel Empowered with an Action Plan

If you feel you are in the same dilemma that I was in, then this article will provide an action plan with ways to assist humanity, while avoiding being part of the suffering.

You can find the power within in any situation where you feel helpless or disturbed by what you are experiencing. You can be part of the change by being mindful and conscious that your energy can create a better future. You can apply this to someone close to you, something you see, or even to a humanitarian cause you support.

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