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The Power Of Meditation

Once Western scientists first began studying the personal effects of speculation in the 1970s, they noticed that heart rate, perspiration, and other signs of emphasis decreased as the meditator relaxed. Scientists, like Richard Davidson, PhD (University of Badger...

5 Life-Changing Steps To Heal the World for Sensitive People

Often, I would ponder the question “How can I live happily knowing that every day there is a dark underworld that commits itself to perform unspeakable acts. What can I do to change this? How can I live a full life without anxiety and stress that connects to the...

A Starseed Soul’s Journey

Karmic Insights - Are you sure you want to embody on earth? - Totally. The decision is taken. - Are you aware of the challenges you face? - Never before have I incarnated on that planet, so I don't know what the concepts of "fear", "pain", "loneliness" or "sadness"...

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