5 Steps to Shift Earth’s Consciousness and Advance Humanity

Written by Karmaawake

January 27, 2020

1. Remove Pain inside Yourself

When you understand that everything created begins with energy, you can take charge of what you are adding to a situation by analyzing your internal pain and suffering that hasn’t resolved.

The pain and suffering of your past are carried inside you. Even though your intention isn’t to create more pain and suffering for others or yourself, until you heal, you will continue to be part of the creation process of suffering.

This concept is a Universal Law – like attracts like. I often notice that the people who feel compelled to help others are really avoiding their own inner pain and suffering. If they continue to search outside of themselves, trying to heal others, they will continue to be part of the problem until their own inner pain and conflicts are addressed.

Some people become warriors for others who have been victimized. When they “fight” for a cause, they cause resistance, which then creates more of what they don’t want. When you look more deeply at why a person has so much passion for something, it is because they are “fighting” for themselves, especially when nobody protected or saved them when they were in need. This, again, continues a cycle of focusing energy on an unwanted creation. This is a cycle that continues to attract and create victims for others to save.

Whatever exists inside you is created outside of you – It’s a Universal Law.

The Verdict

Healing sessions give me the advantage of reading a person’s energy field to show me the exact reasons for their conditions. The longer I spend time analyzing the reasons why conditions and situations are created, the truer the theory of ‘changing yourself inwardly will change your life outwardly’ becomes.

This law has always been proven to be true. The difficult part is knowing what is in your energy field so you can heal and remove it. When you commit to a journey of spiritually connecting and healing, the more you will learn about yourself. This will give you the insights and the answers you have been looking for or should have been seeking if you want real inner peace and a humane world.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

2. Be Part of the Solution

The next part is to focus on the solution instead of getting stuck in the problem. When you discover why something was created, you can then focus on changing the outcome and promote the solution. When you place your energy on finding solutions, this provides an energy of hope and possibilities.

This concept often occurs when someone experiences a life-threatening illness. They start looking for answers outside of the medical field who only treat symptoms yet fail to address the cause. Looking for better answers can propel a person to change their diet to eating healthy vegetables, drinking juices, detox regimes, and begin a new way of thinking. The more they look into the reasons for their illness, the more they realize they have the power to heal themselves and live a much more connected and real life.

The Power of the Ho’oponopono Method

The following explanation of the Ho’oponopono method demonstrates the power and effect a person can have on others just by their thoughts and intentions. From 1983 to 1987, Dr. Hew Len worked at the Hawaii State Hospital in the high-security ward for the criminally insane where violence was a daily occurrence. The staff were continuously leaving due to the very hostile environment and conditions.

Dr. Len decided to forgo the direct one-on-one therapy with the patients. Instead, he chose to review the patient’s files and work on his perceptions and thoughts of the patients, without physically being in their presence.

His theory is that we create and attract everything and everyone around us and we are responsible for our own problems. Dr. Len would ask himself: “What is going on in me that I am experiencing these problems?”

He would ask the Divinity to erase memories in his subconscious mind as he looked over each individual patient file, and as he did this, the patients improved. He applied the Ho’oponopono cleaning statements which are: “I’m sorry”, “please forgive me”, “thank you”, and “I love you”. During this time, many of the recovered patients were released which led to the ward closing down.

Dr. Len notes that a common problem with therapists is they keep thinking they are in the practice to save people, when actually they are in the practice to clear the shared memories they have in common with their patients.

It is a powerful message knowing that you can change what you are attracting by letting go of judgments, perceptions of people, and situations.

3. Action To Take Now

My immediate reaction to witnessing abuse or suffering that comes across on the internet, or the media, is to place my hand over the visuals or story. I focus on changing my state to being empowered and directing my energy to heal the situation, person, animal, or environment.

I deliberately stay in this state to direct energy to heal and transform the situation. It is emotionally difficult to do but the more I elevate my own energy, the more power I have to create and heal. You have this same ability and can assist others in the same way.

The other option I used is to hold my cat Ume. I will send healing energy through him as if he was the surrogate for the person/animal or situation. Just looking at him brings me peace and the energy I send becomes the right energy of love and peace for the situation. You can do the same with another animal or person.

Positive Rituals

Curses performed with rituals are a dark form of spiritual abuse that can manifest into physical abuse and trauma. Rituals use the law of attraction, witchcraft, and embedded spells that form a powerful energy which can destroy lives. You can create powerful, positive rituals of love and protection for anyone, situation, or place, including your loved ones. These rituals should never be underestimated and used sacredly with good intentions to get powerful results.

Create a Mantel

You can create a mantel with a picture of who/what you want to protect or heal, then surround the picture with ornaments of angels and good omen figurines. The other method is to create a crystal grid with the person/situation listed in the center. These methods place powerful, protective energy on the intended recipient.

4. Boundaries and Protection

I’ve witnessed time and time again the amazing power and effects of people’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions on another person’s life. The positive energy heals and creates powerful transformations while the negative energy turns into curses, blocks, financial struggles, diseases, pain, panic attacks, depression, and stress.

If you fail to protect your energy and give away your time, thoughts, good wishes, and love, which is in essence, your energy, to those who abuse or devalue it, then you are not being constructive with your energy.

Your energy is given in vain and you lose your power. You are also providing fuel (your energy) for others to continue their attacks on you. You will always feel more empowered when you give your energy to those who appreciate and value it.

Value your positive energy and give to those who reciprocate. This will keep you aligned and vibrating a positive energy to help others in times of need. Take deliberate measures to live in a quality environment of peace and love and avoid negativity at all costs.

5. Find Your Purpose for World Change

You might be like me and feel something brewing inside you that has a bigger plan than you are living to help elevate this world. Personally, it seems pointless living in denial of the suffering without contributing to the solution in one way or another.

My mission surfaced as I healed myself. One thing led to another and here I am writing to you. I am offering you some tools that I hope you find useful to shift your energy and consciousness. When you take a spiritual path, you feed your hungry soul that has been denied soul food for centuries. Taking this path will guide you in meaningful ways to contribute to our beautiful but sadly abused planet.

Summary: Breathe in Gratitude, Breathe out Love

If you forget anything in this blog post, remember to do this one exercise as often as you can, as every breath you take can transform you in a positive way for yourself and others. If you continuously perform this simple exercise, your life will completely transform.

Breath In Gratitude

Be conscious when you breathe in and breathe in gratitude for anything you can think of. Anything that surrounds you such as the grass, butterflies, trees, or any that has touched your heart.

Breathe Out Love

On the out-breath, breathe out love, the love you have for your family, friends, home, children, or animals. This breath of love will remain in the Universe and travel to someone who then breathes in your air of love, and without knowing it, they will connect to your love.

This will elevate their energy and create feelings of gratitude. One breath at a time, we can change lives and our world. We Are One.

Blessings and love always,

Karma ♥

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