Taking a Step Backward After Taking a Step Forward

Written by Karmaawake

January 27, 2020

Many people on their Spiritual Awakening journey have come to view the process as race; we feel like we are competiting against others or maybe our own high expectations cause is to push ourselves really hard to some imagined finish line.  We are missing is clarity about the process… It is a slow & mindful experience where we first become aware of own limiting beliefs and fears. Recognizing where are blind spots are and re-creating ourselves thru the lens of Love.

Taking a step backward after taking a step forward in dance is called the ChaCha.  We can choose to release our limited beliefs about ourselves & reframe our awakening process as a Joyful dance.  It’s not all about the destination, but the journey that makes this life interesting & exciting.  We need the contrast to help us grow.  When we take those steps backward, we don’t have to stay stuck in the mud. We can simple notice without self criticism and judgement what our expereince

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